Ambient Hospitality & Infra Services Private Limited is a professional integrated solutions provider that offers world-class facilities management, infrastructure development and business services to the healthcare, hospitality, education and core infrastructure sectors. Ambient, part of the Alliance Group, extends a range of solutions that include developing and providing infrastructure for hotels, guest houses, lodges, canteens and restaurants as well as for hospitals, health clubs, university and corporate campuses and conference centers. Apart from delivering facilities management solutions to large head count organizations with expansive capacities and operations located across multiple units, Ambient, also provides infrastructure development services to core sector projects—the construction and management of roads, airports, technology parks, special economic zones and power generation.

In educational and learning services, Ambient delivers distance learning solutions to universities and other institutions offering distance education programs. In this regard, Ambient is a key delivery partner to Alliance University’s School of Distance Education, where the company facilitates the identification of information centers and provides for the educational infrastructure that delivers the learning resources to key constituents. As a distance learning solutions provider, Ambient is renowned for its exceptional strengths in setting up educational infrastructure: state-of-the art virtual classroom environments, student help lines and call center operations, course content development and delivery solutions and the design and development of high performance learning content management systems (LCMS).

The vision of Ambient Hospitality & Infa Services Private Limited is to create and deliver unparalled and consistently superior value that progressively enhances the quality of life of the primary stakeholder—its customer, even while its offerings seek to create spill-over benefits to many more user communities by enabling their access to excellent social, leisure, educational and business infrastructure, in ways that are environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.

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