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Ambient brings unique value to its clients and their employees by providing, delivering and managing customized solutions that are adapted to the workplace and business challenges. Ambient provides solutions in the areas of on-site facilities management, business services, educational and learning services and professional services.

Facility Management

facility managementAmbient delivers facility management solutions to large head count organizations with expansive capacities and operations located across multiple units, which include developing and providing infrastructure for hotels, guest houses, lodges, canteens and restaurants as well as for hospitals, health clubs, university and corporate campuses and conference centres. The key facility management solutions that Ambient provides to its clients include on-site services such as foodservices, construction management, reception and help desk, housekeeping and rehabilitation services, laundry services, garden and lawn maintenance, pest control, waste management, travel desk management and security services.

 Business and Professional Services

facility managementAmbient provides highly reliable, end-to-end business services for large capacity users and expansive on-site facilities and units. These business and professional services include: post and courier; private security and surveillance; laundry and dry cleaning; conference room and business center management; travel and transportation; staff transportation; specialized cleaning operations—production facility cleaning and production equipment cleaning; telecommunication services—dedicated internet bandwidth, audio-visual equipment maintenance and VOIP services.

 Hospitality Services

facility managementAmbient brings unique value to its clients and their employees by providing, delivering and managing customized solutions, adapted to the workplace and business challenges of each of its clients. Ambient designs, manages and delivers comprehensive hospitality services such as food services, restaurant management, pantry management and executive dining. Ambient also provides educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities with food management solutions that offer, alongside a balanced diet that is tailored to the calorific needs of individuals, food menus that deliver sound nutritional value, health and wellbeing among the users of food courts and canteens.

Healthcare Services

facility managementFrom the reception and help desk to foodservices for patients, staff and visitors, bio-cleaning of patient rooms and operating rooms, maintenance and waste management—Ambient provides a unique combination of services.

Ambient provides schools, colleges and universities a balanced diet tailored to individual needs, encouraging good nutritional habits and a healthy lifestyle as well as other services facilitating the management of schools.

Apart from developing the infrastructure and support services for hospitals, health clubs, fitness centers and childcare centers, Ambient also helps to create the optimum environment for learning, work and daily living by managing the services that are important to keep educational institutions running smoothly including construction, maintenance, grounds keeping and cleaning and managing campus and sports facilities.

We provide comprehensive support services required at our clients’ workplace. This helps clients to focus on their core business needs, confident in the fact that all support services are functioning at maximum efficiency.

 Educational and Learning Services

facility managementIn educational and learning services, Ambient delivers distance learning solutions to universities and other institutions offering distance education programs.

In this regard, Ambient is a key delivery partner to Alliance University’s School of Distance Education, where the company facilitates the identification of information centers and provides for the educational infrastructure that delivers the learning resources to key constituents.

As a distance learning solutions provider, Ambient is renowned for its exceptional strengths in setting up educational infrastructure: state-of-the art virtual classroom environments, student help lines and call center operations, course content development and delivery solutions and the design and development of high performance learning content management systems (LCMS).

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